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No one likes taking cold showers or bathing in cold water. A recent survey that was conducted in America has shown that on average, Americans can use up to 65 gallons of hot water every day. This is a clear indication that the water heater is a very important equipment in every home.
At Draper Plumber, we are the experts in hot water heater installation. We have guaranteed knowledge of different types of water heating systems and we are well equipped to install them in your home.

Selecting The Best Water Heater For Your Home

The following factors need to be considered when choosing a suitable water heater.
Cost: It is important to choose a water heater that is within your budget. By giving us a call, we will help you choose a good quality heater that is also cost-effective and perfect for your home or business.
Capacity: This will be determined by your family’s needs. You need to evaluate your water needs to determine what size water tank you will need. Draper Plumber is ready to assist you.
Efficiency: Getting a water heater that is energy efficient is important. We are here to not only save you money but find one that is also guaranteed in energy efficiency.

Electric Water Heaters

These are water heaters powered solely by electricity, just as the name suggests. Compared to gas heaters, they are slightly more expensive. They are the most commonly used heaters.

Benefits of Electric Water Heaters

Some of the benefits of these heaters are:

● They are very friendly to the environment.

● They are durable. In order to improve their lifespan, we advise our clients to install a water softener system.

● They are the fastest and most reliable method of heating water.

● They come in a wide variety.

● They have a bigger capacity with some holding up to 80 gallons of water.

● They are energy efficient! The latest versions of water heaters can greatly reduce water heating costs.

● They are affordable and easy to find on the market.

These heaters do have some disadvantages. Compared to gas heaters, they tend to heat water very slowly.

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Tankless water heater

These water heaters are the latest and newest types of heaters on the market. Compared to other heaters, they are smaller in size and occupy less space in your home. They do not come with tanks which means that the risk of burst tanks is no longer an issue if you are using them. They simply supply hot water only when it is needed, ultimately saving you money on your utility bills.

These water heaters are now commonly called ‘on-demand heaters’ as they are growing fast in the market, not only with Americans but with the rest of the world. Many homes are now choosing to install the tankless water heaters compare to the other heaters which are normally quite bulky. They are also very easy to use!

Always engage the services of a professional when you are planning to buy and install water heating systems in your home. This ensures that the work is done well and all safety measures are taken.
These water heaters are considered fast, because, you do not have to wait for the water to heat in a tank. They heat the water as it flows directly from the pipes.

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Benefits of tankless water heaters:

1. They a the best option when it comes to energy saving.
2. They save up on space.
3. They save you time.
4. They have a long lasting life expectancy.
5. They reduce the cost of operation.
6. They are environmentally friendly.
7. You can install many of them in one building.

Gas Water Heaters

These are water heaters that are powered by gas. These heaters are less common compared to the other heaters. They are also best installed by professionals who have experience in how to handle them. You can trust Draper Plumber to install, maintain, and even repair these heaters because they are well trained to do the job.
There are several types of gas water heaters, all powered by gas.

Benefits of Gas Water Heaters
● They are cheaper.
● They heat water faster than electric water heaters.
● You can count on them, even during blackouts since they don’t rely on electricity.
● They have low costs of fuel.
These are the two most commonly used gas heaters:
Indirect water heaters: This type of gas water heater works with the water heater that is already installed in your home. These heaters are very cost effective. They are considered number one when it comes to gas heaters and is economical once you find the right one for your home.
Conventional storage gas water heater: This type of heater, water is heated constantly even when the water is not in use. This makes it provide hot water as soon as it is needed. They come in a variety of sizes and are the most common type of gas water heaters.

Hot Water Heater Installation
Hot water is essential in our homes and truth to be told, no one enjoys a cold bath or shower. You need Draper Plumber to help you choose the best water heating system for your home. We will help you choose a heater that is in your budget and can hold enough water capacity to fit your family’s needs.
Give us a call and we will act fast to make sure that all of your water heating needs are met. We will give professional advice on the best water heating system for your family. Our expert plumbers are always willing and ready to help you at any time.
If you have already made a decision on which water heater you want in your home, involve us to help you purchase an affordable, high-quality water heater that will last you a lifetime. Let us take on the pleasure of installing it for you in a professional manner.
Draper Plumber puts your needs first and makes sure you are satisfied before leaving your home after our work is done. We are certified to provide a full range of plumbing services, including drain cleaning, water line cleaning and repair, sewer main cleaning and repair, water heater repair and installation, 24 hour emergency plumbing services, and much more. Call us for a free estimate! We are here, ready to work hand in hand with you so that you can have the best water heater in your home.